Weight Loss

Your reprogramming of my brain (and heart!) changed my patterns. My goal was to lose 60 lbs. and today I am melting away the last 15! I enjoy the way I’m eating and feeling and my new delicious regimen is absolutely sustainable for the long haul.  I can’t imagine going back to my old way! You’ve been a major (if gentle) force in shifting my thinking and supporting me to reshape my habits.”  DG

Pain Management

The ability to cope with pain is essential before an injured worker can return to the job. Pain control through the use of drugs is counter-productive because of the effect on safety and the risk of addiction. If you can show patients how they can control their pain with their own minds, much time will be saved and expense avoided. Please help workers and employers learn how to get the injured back to work safely and promptly. Your techniques are effective and need to be widely used for the benefit of all. RH, MD


“I enjoyed your workshop on Gratitude a few weeks ago. I’m a psychiatrist, and very involved with the newer field of positive psychology, of which gratitude is certainly a vital part. I bought a few books from your workshop (“Thanks” and “Buddha’s Mind”) too, and look forward to reading them. Again, thanks for a well-prepared workshop.”  JM, MD

Fear of driving

My hypnotherapy session with you was so helpful! After just one session my driving is completely transformed! My daughter, who visited over last weekend, really noticed the difference. CB

Sound Healing Sessions

My recent hypnosis for healing and spiritual connection with Victoria Bresee was a huge highlight of my life. I made a depth of contact with my Spirit and healing energies of the Self that was rare and unique. This business is a shining gem in complementary health care.   DB

“Victoria!! That treatment was the best ever!!!! It changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!”   KP

“My enthusiasm for sound therapy is has increased greatly, and there certainly was a noticeable effect after your crystal bowl treatment. I felt encouraged, motivated, and no longer depressed. I feel that many would be benefitted by your healing work.”  MC, PhD.

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